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Minister Editorial

M. Paul Atanga Nji

It is expected that the implementation of this special plan, according to the very strict instructions of the Head of State, should be seamless. The administrative authorities are therefore urged to play their full role for its success. That is my wish.
Concerning decentralization, 2015 is also the year for the complete transfer of powers and resources as prescribed by law.
The officials of the central and external services of our Ministry must strictly supervise the exercise of these powers and the management of the corresponding resources, as well as the overall implementation of the decentralization process.
Naturally, the successful implementation of all these key projects requires that peace, calm, order and tranquillity should prevail nationwide, throughout 2015.
Thus, from every indication, this is primarily the responsibility of the administrative authorities whom I also urge to play their role.
In any case, we shall continue to ensure the maintenance of law and order, territorial administration, the enhancement of the decentralization process, civil protection, the promotion of the rule of law and other tasks within the competence of our Ministry in 2015 for better results.
In addition, I take this opportunity to reassure our entire staff of the central and external services, those under supervision, as well as our technical and financial partners of my readiness and that of the Minister Delegate to provide them the support they need to smoothly discharge their many and delicate tasks throughout 2015.
To each and every one of you, I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year 2015.


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