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(1) The Secretariat-General shall be placed under the authority of a Secretary-General, principal assistant of the Minister, who shall follow up the affairs of the Ministry and have the necessary delegation of signature

 In this capacity, he shall:

- coordinate the activities of the central and external services and shall, for that purpose, hold coordination meetings, the minutes of which shall be submitted to the Minister;
- follow up, under the authority of the Minister, activities of services under supervision, endorse their action programmes and put their minutes on records;
-  define and codify the internal procedures of the Ministry;
- ensure the continuing training of staff and organize, under the authority of the Minister, seminars and refresher, further or specialization trainings;
- ensure the expeditious processing of files, centralize records and manage the Ministry’s documentation.

(2) In the absence of the Secretary-General, the Minister shall designate a Director to deputize for him.

The following shall be attached to the Secretariat-General:

- the Legal Affairs Division
- the Follow-Up Unit
- the Communication Unit;
- the Computer and Statistics Unit
- the Translation Unit
- the Sub-Department of Reception, Mail and Liaison;
- the Documentation and Records Service.


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You are here: Home The Ministry Central administration Secretary General