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Major stakeholders

To carry out his duties, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization shall have:

A private secretariat
Placed under the authority of a Private Secretary, Private Secretariats shall be responsible for private matters of the Minister and the Minister Delegate.

Technical Advisers
Technical advisers (3(three) in number) shall perform duties assigned to them by the Minister and the Minister Delegate.

An Inspectorate-General
(1) The Inspectorate-General shall be responsible for:

  • evaluating the performance of services in accordance with set objectives, in conjunction with the Secretary-General;
  • the internal control and evaluation of performance of services of the Ministry;
  • informing the Minister and the Minister Delegate on the quality of the functioning and outcome of services;
  • monitoring the implementation and regular evaluation of the use of organizational techniques and methods, and streamlining administrative work, in conjunction with the competent services in Administrative Reform
  • implementing the strategy to curb corruption, in conjunction with the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Ministry.

(2) It shall have 3 (three) Inspectors-General respectively responsible for:
Territorial Administration;
Regional and Local Authorities; and

(3) Each Inspector-General shall be assisted by 3 (three) Inspectors.

A Central Administration

The Central Administration shall comprise:

  • the Secretariat-General;
  • the Department of Political Affairs;
  • the Department of Territorial Organization;
  • the Department of Regional and Local Authorities;
  • the Department of Civil Protection;
  • the Department of Human Resources;
  • the Department of Financial and Material Resources;

The External Services.


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