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Organizations under supervision

The Minatd also supervises public organizations such as :

The Fonds Spécial d'Equipement et d'Intervention Intercommunale (FEICOM) was created by the law n° 74/23 of December 5th 1974 organizing councils in Cameroon and made operational by the decree N°77/85 of March 22nd 1977. Its main goal is to accompany the regional and local authorities in the development process by providing technical and financial assistance. Therefore this organization appears to be like the privileged instrument for local development in Cameroon. So, the Cameroonian government who has made decentralization one of its main focus, has always had the ability to adapt this organization along side with the evolution of  its political environment.

It is in this perspective that the FEICOM has been organized, following the presidential decree of December 11 2000, into Management . This decree has been modified and completed by another of May 31 2006 which confers to this organization a new major function of  financial intermediation.
This new function enables the FEICOM to search for partners in the domain of international financial cooperation. This is to help local councils in finding other resources in order to overcome their development problems.

The Centre de Formation pour l'Administration Municipale (CEFAM) was created in 1977 and provides  a two year training for council officials. It's located in Buea. It has two training cycles. The first training cycle is meant for senior officials in charge council management, the second is meant for assistants in charge council management. The training program mainly focuses on administration and finance. Admission requirements are the following :


  • be sponsored by a council
  • have a baccalaureat certificate or equivalent for cycle I
  • have a BEPC certificate or for CEP certificate also have at least 5 years of  work experience in a council for cycle II


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