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Governor OKALIA gets to the field as re-unification works resume

During an extraordinary meeting held at the South West Delegation of Public Service and Administrative reforms on Wednesday September 18, 2013, the Local Organizing Committee boss, Governor Bernard OKALIA BILAI promised to proceed with a day-to-day follow-up visit to construction sites for deadline to be respected.
The working session, attended by stakeholders was an opportunity for the Governor to condemn the passive attitude of some actors involved in the preparatory works for the upcoming re-unification fiesta. He has disappointedly realized that these persons or organizations continue to be sluggish in accomplishing the tasks entrusted to them by the state of Cameroon. During his improvised introductory word, he rose against those who insinuate that government has not put the necessary means at their disposal for them to carry on. He reminded participants of the historical significance of the event to the state, likewise to Cameroonians. Actors who have not yet met the expectations of the state as far as the historical celebration is concerned were seriously warned and call to order.
Following the presentation of reports on the advancement of works in different domains which he considered stagnant, Governor OKALIA expressed pessimism promising to adopt a tactic which he believes will accelerate the execution of contracts. On daily basis, he will head a team that shall get on the field to evaluate the seriousness of the major actors concerned. The new strategy has been adopted to speed up work which has been still for about two months due to continuous downpour.   Prior to the visit of the President of the National Organizing Committee, Martin BELINGA EBOUTOU in October, the Governor has taken the vow to have a close look on preparatory activities marking the festivity of the fiftieth anniversary of re-unification in Buea. According to him, he has the heavy mission of ensuring that the 50th anniversary of re-unification succeeds in its entirety.  He therefore promised hell to those who fail to abide with the new move instituted.
Update on accommodation
The rehabilitation works at the historical Mountain Hotel and at the Parliamentarian Flat have been successfully executed. The hotels have been equipped but for the optical fibres which CAMTEL promised to install at the beginning of next month. The towns of Buea, Limbe, Tiko, Muyuka and Kumba presently provide a total of 2.500 rooms for the accommodation of guests from Cameroon and abroad. According to the Regional Delegate of Tourism, Peter Elangwe, many privately owned hotels have been depositing their files at the level of the Ministry to get to an agreement as regards the provision of more lodging facilities.
For invitees and participants from other parts of the South West Region, they shall be lodged by inhabitants of the host town. Quetong KONGEH, Senior Divisional Officer of the Kupe Muanenguba division revealed during the working session that guests from his division shall be received by Kupe Muanenguba families living in Buea and the surrounding towns. Accommodation centers will also be established to receive those who fail to have a hotel room on the d-day. The Regional Delegate of Basic Education has promised to put 600 mattresses at the disposal of the organizing committee to better the stay of the visitors in the town of legendary hospitality.
Guests’ houses in C.D.C and S.O.N.A.R.A have also been identified by the local organizing committee for the above purpose.
The present situation of roads
Work stands at 54% advancement for Arab contractors and 60% advancement for Chariot Company limited. The rainy season has obliged the two contractors in charge of the road projects to take a break. Nonetheless, the middle ridge of the road from Mile 17 to Bongo Square has been removed to ease the movement of the presidential convoy. All the roads are accessible but for the work on the road federal quarters-West Farm-GHS Bokwaongo which is still pending. The Regional Delegate of Housing and Urban Affairs, Francis OBEN put the blame on inhabitants whose fences constructed by the road side prevent the contractor from adding the eight meter of road that is needed. While instructing the delegate on the way forward to resolve the restriction caused by the fences, Governor OKALIA prescribed that Arab contractors should ensure the main road is labelled to put a halt to accidents.
The re-unification Monument     
Work has started on the site since June 2013 but due to heavy downpours, it was abruptly interrupted. At present, nothing has been done but the Ministry of Culture is confident that before the event, the monument shall be erected.
Meantime, inhabitants of Manyu Division through the Senior Divisional Officer have requested that the re-unification monument in Mamfe should be renovated.
Water and electricity
The quantity of water available is sufficient for inhabitants of Buea but will not be enough for the number of individuals who shall take part in the event says the Regional boss of “la camerounaise des eaux”. It is in this respect that the Minister of Water and Energy has dispatched two control missions to re-evaluate all the works that have been carried out to seek for a way forward.
Low voltage is the order of the day as far as energy is concerned. Fortunately, the rainy season is over. The solar street lambs might contribute enormously in resolving the problem of low voltage.   The newly installed streets lights have changed the face of many towns of the South West Region. 
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You are here: Home News Last news Governor OKALIA gets to the field as re-unification works resume