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DECENTRALISATION La politique du gouvenement en matière de décentralisation
PROTECTION CIVILE ..Chargée de l'élaboration, de la mise en oeuvre et de l'évaluation

Minister Editorial

M. Réné Emmanuel SADI

Despite the existence of various security threats in 2014, brought under control through very strict instructions from the President of the Republic, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, despite the continuous and unprecedented influx of refugees into our territory who are properly cared for, and lastly, despite the possible risks of which only History holds the secrets, 2015, for our Ministry starts on a good footing.
In fact, the new year started after the announcement of the implementation of a three-year emergency plan, as defined by the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, to fast-track economic growth and improve the living conditions of the population.

It is expected that the implementation of this special plan, according to the very strict instructions of the Head of State, should be seamless. The administrative authorities are therefore urged to play their full role for its success. That is my wish.
Concerning decentralization, 2015 is also the year for the complete transfer of powers and resources as prescribed by law.
The officials of the central and external services of our Ministry must strictly supervise the exercise of these powers and the management of the corresponding resources, as well as the overall implementation of the decentralization process.
Naturally, the successful implementation of all these key projects requires that peace, calm, order and tranquillity should prevail nationwide, throughout 2015.
Thus, from every indication, this is primarily the responsibility of the administrative authorities whom I also urge to play their role.
In any case, we shall continue to ensure the maintenance of law and order, territorial administration, the enhancement of the decentralization process, civil protection, the promotion of the rule of law and other tasks within the competence of our Ministry in 2015 for better results.
In addition, I take this opportunity to reassure our entire staff of the central and external services, those under supervision, as well as our technical and financial partners of my readiness and that of the Minister Delegate to provide them the support they need to smoothly discharge their many and delicate tasks throughout 2015.
To each and every one of you, I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year 2015.


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  • State Honours To Venerated Chief SML Endeley

    Judicial honours and a post- humous decoration were befittingly bestowed on the departed legal icon on Saturday.

    july, 30 2015
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  • A competitive entrance examination LGTC CYCLE I

    Order n° 126/O/MINATD/DCTD of 15 june 2015 to launch a competitive entrance examination for the admission of ninety five (95) trainees into the first year of Cycle I of the Local Government Training Centre. Download here

    jun, 24 2015
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  • A competitive entrance examination LGTC CYCLE II

    Order n° 127/O/MINATD/DCTD of 15 june 2015 to launch a competitive entrance examination for the admission of forty (40) trainees into the first  year of cycle II of the Local Government Training Centre. Download here

    jun, 24 2015
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  • .A.N2.C Assist Public Services

    A package of office furniture consisting of computers, printers and paper material was offered to some public services in the Upper-Nkam Division by the Ngueukam Nkanmenou Cameroon association (AN2C) last April 4 in Bapouya. The donation comes in within the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the association.

    april, 15 2015
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  • Shell Creek Fire Incident

    1500 Still Homeless Three Months After

    The population of Shell Crick in Idabato Sub Division in the Bakassi
    Peninsular are still to get comfortable shelters following a fire
    incident  that rocked their home last December 2014. They lamented to
    the visiting South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai when he stepped
    on their soil last week. In their grief, they say three to four months
    after nothing has been done about their plight.  They equally decried
    how projects earmark for their locality is being implemented.

    The Governor told them that the government is aware of their situation
    and shall do something about it. He used the visit to express the Head
    of State’s concern to the people, assuring them of better days ahead.
    Security was also another concern in which  the Governor told the
    people to denounce all suspected persons in their locality and to
    collaborate with the forces of law and order.  “Report any strange
    person in your locally to the security”, the Governor insisted. The
    Bakassi visit gave Okalia Bilai the opportunity to access some
    developmental projects such as the water project of Akwa in the Kombo
    Abedimo Subdivision. It is worth mentioning that the government has
    disbursed some 500 million for the projects in the area but nothing
    visible has been done. To this, the Governor said severe
    sanctions await contractors.

    march, 26 2015
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