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DECENTRALISATION La politique du gouvenement en matière de décentralisation
PROTECTION CIVILE ..Chargée de l'élaboration, de la mise en oeuvre et de l'évaluation

Minister Editorial

M. Réné Emmanuel SADI

 L’année 2014 s’ouvre au Ministère de l’Administration Territoriale et de la Décentralisation, dans un contexte particulier, marqué par la mise en place du Sénat suite aux élections du 14 avril 2013 et celle de nouveaux conseils et exécutifs communaux à l’issue du double scrutin législatif et municipal du 30 septembre 2013.

Parce que, conformément aux dispositions de la loi, le Sénat représente les collectivités territoriales décentralisées, il devient évident que l’année 2014 contribuera, pour une large part, à l’approfondissement du processus de décentralisation.

Tout en saluant les efforts déjà consentis en cette matière, j’engage tous les acteurs du processus de décentralisation à plus d’implication dans la mise en œuvre dudit processus afin que la décentralisation contribue, de manière décisive et de manière significative, à la réalisation du projet d’émergence du Cameroun.



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  • La Territoriale Active Puts Smile on Orphans’ faces

    Mrs. Nicole Okalia, wife of South West Governor and President of an
    association “La Territorial Active” led the association to an
    orphanage where they donated gifts to the needy  head of a delegation
    that deemed it necessary to offer some useful material to an

    The wives of the administrative authorities in the south west region
    under the canopy of “la territorial active” donated some didactic
    materials worth FCFA 5 million to the Save the children alliance
    orphanage Bota – Limbe. These materials consisting of 40 bags of
    cement, 5 mattresses, cloths, powder soap, vegetable oil, 2 bags of
    corn, 1 bag of beans, 2 bags of flour, under wears, shoes, etc, were
    handed over last Saturday November 1 to the director of the foundation
    Mrs Ngalle Nalova Josephine.

    According to the regional president of la territorial active, items
    given to these little ones who either lost their parent or who were
    abandon by their loved ones, is a sign of care and love, and aims at
    proving that
    they are important to the  society no matter what happened to them.  The
    women took the engagement to sponsor two of the kids to whatever level
    of education they will to attain.

    Apart from the save the children alliance orphanage who benefited from
    the donation, Sub divisional medical health center, also received
    some equipment.

    Nokwe becline

    november, 10 2014
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    The Southwest Region Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, have promised severe
    sanctions on any recalcitrant contractor who will dare to abandon his
    or her contract without executing it at 100%.

    The Governor made this promise during the South west Regional
    Administrative, Coordination and Security meeting (ACSM) that took
    place in Kumba on Thursday October 23 to 24th, 2014 at the Kumba City
    Council hall. The meeting witnessed the presence of   SDO's, DO's,
    Government Delegates, Mayors, Senators, Regional Delegates,
    Stakeholders and Traditional Rulers of  the South west Region.

    Bernard Okalia Bilai, stressed that, all public investment projects
    meant for the South west Region for 2014, must be physically and
    financially executed  at 100% before November 15,2014 deadline. He
    used the meeting to urge the Senior Divisional Officers, traditional
    rulers and
    Stakeholders who are the sole beneficiaries of these projects, to
    follow-up their contractors, and make sure their projects are well
    completed."There's no explanation for the delay: no access
    road, rains or low project execution because before you go for any
    contract, you must have master the terrain” the Governor stressed.

    However, it was linked during the meeting that, the reasons for the
    low rate of execution of public investment budget in the region is
    that of poor road network which makes it difficult for contractors to
    carry materials to the construction sites and frequent conflict
    between tenders board and divisional Delegates of public contracts
    especially Ndian and Kupe Muanenguba.
    Meanwhile the Governor noted that, this was the first ever meeting
    bring all the stakeholders in the South west Region together,
    especially after the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Cameroon
    that took place earlier this year in Buea. Adding that, the Southwest
    administration and security forces have been doing a lot, to join the
    Head of State, President Paul Biya, in the fight against the Islamic
    terrorist group, Boko Haram and the Ebola epidemic. He used the
    occasion, to warn against some ill practices in the region, especially
    in Fako and Meme Divisions, where the crime waves are on the increase.
    The Governor stated that, measures have to be taken to ensure that
    peace and order continue to reign in the region and the country at
    large. He urged the local and traditional rulers present at the
    meeting, to educate their  local population, by sensitizing  them
    against this terrorist group and the Ebola Virus Disease .Even though
    Nigeria has been declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization,
    WHO, the Governor called on the population to be alert and denounced
    any illegal immigrant, while inviting them  to collaborate with the
    security forces to fight against crime wave in the society. He assured
    that all security measures have been taken to ensure  the safety of
    the people and their properties.
    In his welcome address, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City
    Council, Victor Nkele Ngoh, Thanked the Governor for his choice of
    Kumba, to host this very important meeting, which according to him, is
    timely seeing that the insecurity in Meme is on the rise. He used the
    meeting to hail the government for  the number of developmental
    projects  that are ongoing in Meme Division and the region at general,
    especially the  construction of the Kumba-Mamfe road that will
    kick-off in the days ahead and above all, the creation of the Higher
    Technical Teachers' Training College, HTTTC  Kumba.





    november, 10 2014
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    november, 10 2014
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  • Early resumption means success :Governor Okalia Bilai

     Turn out in public and private schools in the South West Region was quite remarkable this September 8, 2014.

    september, 08 2014
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  • Cameroon responds to Ebola crisis

    The outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has claimed nearly 2000 lives in Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Equatorial-Guinea and Nigeria. In a bid to prevent the spread of the virus in Cameroon, the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda has embarked on a working visit to the borders linking Cameroon to the infected countries to ensure government decision to close up borders was strictly respected.

    september, 05 2014
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